FaceOFF 3 : Grown Folk Music Mix

  • FaceOFF 3 : Grown Folk Music Mix

When Doves Cry (EBS Refix) - Prince
Gypsy Woman (EBS Refix) - Crystal Waters
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (JBRMX) - Culture Club
Ain't No Ni*** (JBRMX) - Jay Z
Shake You Down (JBRMX) - Gregory Abbott
Like A Virgin (EBS Refix) - Madonna
Stayin Alive (EBS Refix) - Bee Gees
Don't Go (EBS Refix) - Yaz
Wanna Dance With SomeBody (EBS Refix) - Whitney Houston
I Can't Go For That (EBS Refix) - Hall & Oates
Popcorn Love (EBS Refix) - New Edition
Call Me (EBS Refix) - Skyy
Spring Love (EBS Refix) - Stevie B
Jessie’s Girl (EBS Refix) - Rick Springfield
Yo Little Brother (JBRMX) - Nolan Thomas
I Want To Thank You (EBS Refix) - Alicia Myers
Lover Who Rocks You (JBRMX) - La India
Rock With You (JBRMX) - Michael Jackson
Listen To My Cries (JBRMX) - Body & Style
No Me Trates (JBRMX) - El General
Set It Off (JBRMX) - Big Daddy Kane
Just Called (JBRMX) - Stevie Wonder
Louder The Love (JBRMX) - TKA